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The Modular Ocean Model (MOM) is a numerical representation of the ocean's hydrostatic primitive equations. It is designed primarily as a tool for studying the global ocean climate system, as well as capabilities for regional and coastal applications.

Restrictions / License Information

GPL license

Running Instructions

Bugaboo Instructions

In order to use the software package the corresponding module needs to be loaded: module load mom
This adds the various executables like MOM_run.csh, mppnccombine, fms_ESM2M.x, fms_EBM.x, etc. to the PATH. The MOM_run.csh script is setup such that it uses the MOMROOT environment varible to find the various files necessary for the computation. By default MOMROOT is set to the system directory /usr/local/mom and the working directory is set to the directory work within the current directory (i.e., the directory from which MOM_run.csh is run). In this case the various input files for the test cases like atlantic1, baltic1, box1, dome1, etc. that come with the MOM code are found in /usr/local/mom/data/<name>/INPUT, where <name> is a placeholder for the case (e.g., atlantic1). If the MOMROOT environment variable is changed from its default setting, the necessary input files need to be copied to the $MOMROOT/work/<name>/INPUT directory and the working directory is set to $MOMROOT/work. In either case the  MOM_run.csh will create the work/<name> directory where all other files (e.g., RESTART files, log files, etc.) will be saved. MOM_run.csh will use the files input.nml, data_table, diag_table, field_table from this directory and will copy these files from the INPUT directory to the $MOMROOT/work/<name> directory unless the files exist already. Therefore, if a calculation is to be run with modified input.nml and/or data_table and/or diag_table and/or field_table files, the modified files need to be copied to the $MOMROOT/work/<name> directory before MOM_run.csh is run.


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