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Migrate (Migrate-n) - Population genetics program to estimate migration rates and population sizes

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Migrate (which appears to have evolved into Migrate-n) is a population genetics program to estimate past migration rates and population sizes using Bayesian inference or maximum likelihood methods.

The software has been installed on a variety of WestGrid systems.  See the Software Versions tab for specifics.


The program is distributed under the liberal MIT open source license.  The program author encourages you to register as that will help him support development of the program.

Running Instructions

Follow this link for a discussion of the different forms of parallel processing available in Migrate-n.  In the simplest case of MPI (Message Passing Interface) parallelism, assuming migrate-n-mpi has been added to your command PATH, the program can be run with a command line of the form:

mpiexec migrate-n-mpi parameter_file

An example batch job script for running MPI-based programs is given on the main WestGrid Running Jobs page.

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