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An extension of Velvet assembler to de novo metagenome assembly from short sequence reads. We modified and extended a single-genome and de Bruijn-graph based assembler, Velvet, for de novo metagenomic assembly. Our fundamental ideas are first decomposing de Bruijn graph constructed from mixed short reads into individual sub-graphs and second building scaffolds based on every decomposed de Bruijn sub-graph as isolated species genome. MetaVelvet has been proven to generate assemblies of longer N50 and higher quality than Velvet when applied to metagenomic sequences, and recognized as one of frequently-used metagenomic assemblers in this research community


Please note that only Velvet part of MetaVelvet can be compiled with multi-threading option. On bugaboo we used multi-threading option for the velvet part.

System Grex Bugaboo
Version SL-1.0 1.2.02