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Memprot is a program that aims to fit Small Angle X-ray Scattering curves of detergent solubilized membrane proteins. Given an experimental scattering curve and an all-atom model of the membrane protein, the algorithm tries to find a coarse-grained detergent corona structure that leads to the minimal discrepancy between calculated scattering curves and experiment. 


The geometrical and electron density parameters of the detergent corona are defined in the associated publication (Pérez, J. & Koutsioubas, A. (2014). Acta Cryst.(2015). D71, 86¿93). These parameters are varied through the execution of the program in order to find the optimum set. For the theoretical scattering curve calculations the program Crysol (ATSAS suite) is used and should be installed on the machine. 

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Version 1.7