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Lep-MAP is a novel linkage map construction software.

Running Instructions

Running on Bugaboo:

Here is how to run LepMAP on bugaboo:

java ParentCall2
java Filtering2
java SeparateIdenticals
java SeparateChromosomes2
java JoinSingles2All
java JoinSingles2Identicals
java OutputData
java ShortPath
java OrderMarkers2

Please note that java by default takes the maximum available memory of a node even though
it doesn't not need that amount of memory. In order to limit the memory taken by java
please add the option  -Xmx[memory] to your java command, where [memory] is the amount of
memory that your program need it, e.g. to request a 2000MB memory here is the command you

java -Xmx2000m ParentCall2

System Bugaboo
Version 3.0.1