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Gephi - interactive network graph visualization

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Gephi is a visualization program for interactively exploring and analyzing network graphs.

See the Software Versions tab for a list of versions that are available on WestGrid.

Running Gephi on Parallel

Gephi 0.9.1 has been installed on Parallel, since that system has graphics processing units (GPUs) that can provide hardware acceleration.  Accounts on Parallel are not set up automatically, but, must be requested, as indicated in the Parallel QuickStart Guide.

A quick test of Gephi on Parallel can be run on the login server through an X Window connection. Set up your environment and bring up the Gephi graphical interface with:

module load gephi/0.9.1

For better performance, reserve a GPU-enabled compute node and run Gephi through a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) connection as explained here.  After setting up VNC, use

module load gephi/0.9.1
vglrun gephi

Note: It is safe to ignore an error message that may appear:

Error while checking latest Gephi version

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2015-10-09 - Created page.
2016-11-02 - Removed 0.8.2 on Parallel and replaced with 0.9.1

System Parallel
Version 0.9.1