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Ezys - GPU-accelerated non-rigid 3D medical image registration

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Ezys is a package for 3D medical image registration.  It has been installed on the WestGrid Parallel cluster where graphics processing units (GPUs) accelerate the processing. Note that accounts on the Parallel cluster are not automatically set up when you get a WestGrid account.  To request activation of your account on Parallel, follow the directions in the Parallel QuickStart Guide.

Running Ezys on Parallel

Version 1.0.32 of the software has been installed to /global/software/ezys/ezys1032/bin.  There are two executable versions of the software, ezys for the full graphical interface and ezysc for the "console" version that would be appropriate for automated processing in batch job scripts.

The software should be run on the GPU-enabled nodes.  See the GPU Computation page for information about requesting GPU nodes on Parallel.

For More Information

2014-07-15 - Initial installation of Ezys.

System Parallel
Version 1.0.32