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Allinea DDT

NOTE: Allinea DDT is no longer available.   The license was not renewed in mid-2015.

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Allinea DDT is a graphical debugging tool for those developing parallel applications on CPUs, GPUs and coprocessors. It is developed by Allinea for debugging different kind of codes (parallel MPI codes, serial, threaded - OpenMP/pthreads, and GPU) on different architectures (CPU, GPU, Phi). Hybrid codes mixing paradigms such as MPI + OpenMP and MPI + CUDA are also supported. Detailed documentation can found in the User Guide at the Allinea web site.  DDT is installed on the Parallel cluster.  Note that accounts are not automatically set up on Parallel.  For access to Parallel, please see the instructions in the Parallel QuickStart Guide.

Restrictions / License Information

Allinea DDT is a commercial software and WestGrid has bought a license for its users.

Running DDT on Parallel

To use DDT, you first need to copy the code to Parallel cluster and compile it with the debug flag -g. You also need to have X11 enabled so that you can see the GUI at your end.  Once that is done, you are ready to debug and profile your code. To avoid referring to the absolute path of DDT, you can add /global/software/ddt/6.0/bin to your environment variable PATH. To start debugging the code, run

ddt [-n NumberOfProcesses] programName programArguments

2014-08-18 - Added link to Parallel account application instructions.
2015-11-10 - Added note that DDT is no longer available due to an expired license.

System Parallel
Version 6.0