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C - GNU GCC, Intel, Portland Group (PGI) compilers

Software Versions

Software Version System Usage Notes
Portland Group 8.0-6 Orcinus

(pgcc - module load pgi)

Portland Group 14.6 Parallel

Intialize your environment to use version 14.6 of the Portland Group compilers with

module load pgi/14.6

LLVM 3.3 Grex

module load gcc/llvm-3.3-experimental  ; note that DragonEgg and Polly would be different depending on GCC version loaded

Intel 17.0.1 Bugaboo

module load intel/17.0.1

Intel 16.0.1 Bugaboo

module load intel/16.0.1


Intel 14.0.1 Bugaboo

module load intel/14.0.1

Intel 13.1.3 Bugaboo

(in default PATH)

Intel 13.0.1 Bugaboo

module load intel/13.0.1

Intel Grex

(icc - module load intel/ , loaded by default)

Intel 12.1.2 Orcinus

(icc - module load intel-2011)

Intel 11.0 Orcinus

(icc - module load intel)

GNU 4.9 (20140406-beta) Parallel

To set up your environment to use the 4.9 (beta) version of the GCC compilers (gcc, g++, gfortran) use

module load gcc/gcc-4.9-20140406-beta

GNU 4.8.1 Grex

module load gcc/4.8.1-experimental

GNU 4.8.0 Bugaboo

(in default PATH)

GNU 4.7.2 Grex

module load gcc/4.7.2-experimental

GNU 4.4.7 Bugaboo

module load gcc/4.4.7

GNU 4.4.7 Grex

(gcc, system compiler)

GNU 4.1.2 Orcinus

cc is link to gcc (gcc)