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Avizo is a general-purpose interactive commercial application for scientific and industrial data visualization and analysis.

Restrictions / License Information

It is worth noting that WestGrid only has a single floating user license for running Avizo and there is currently no way to reserve this license as part of your job subscription script. Thus if Avizo is being used by another user when you try to run it you will get a licensing error message. Avizo is an expensive piece of software; if you need it and you are unable to use it because it is already in use, please notify If there is significant interest, it may be possible to purchase a second license.

Another option is to use an open-source alternative such as ParaView or VisIt both of which are installed on and other clusters.

Running Instructions

We recommend running Avizo inside a VNC session inside a scheduled interactive job on a compute node following the instructions at our Remote Visualization via VNC page. Once inside the VNC desktop, to start Avizo Lite please type

module load avizo/9.0.0

vglrun AvizoLite


Updated 2015-04-08 - created the Avizo software page.