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NOTE: Silo has been decommissioned April 1, 2017.

All of the data on Silo has been migrated to the new National Data Cyberinfrastructure (NDC) located at Simon Fraser University and The University of Waterloo and Silo is no longer available.

Most users can access their data at the Silo replacement at SFU directly via ssh by going to with your Compute Canada account (you can test your account or reset your password at 

More details about this can be found here:

You can also transfer your data via Globus Transfer by going to using your Compute Canada account and using the globus endpoint:


You can find more information about using Globus Transfer here:

If you have any questions or concerns please email


Storage Information on Silo

Directory path Size Quota Command to check quota Purpose Backup Policy
/home 500GB (default) quota

Storing data requiring tape backup.

Backed up to tape. Retention period for deleted files: 45 days. Number of retained version of the same filename: 3.

/data 1000GB quota

Storing data not requiring backup.

No tape backup-0 copies kept. Retention period for deleted files: 0 days. Number of retained versions of the same filename: 0.