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Grid Proxies

A proxy is a short-term credential that proves your identity, allowing you to use grid services. It is based on the grid certificate that was automatically provided for you when your WestGrid account was created.

Proxies are generated by the MyProxy server, using a credential created from your certificate. This gives you access to all grid tools. Your certificate is preloaded to MyProxy server when WestGrid support receives it from Grid Canada. It usually takes 1-2 working days from the time you request the certificate, either by creating a new account or renewal your certificate.

You can now connect to another WestGrid site and pull a proxy down to other machines with myproxy-logon:

[juser@silo1 ~]$ myproxy-logon 
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
A credential has been received for user juser in /tmp/x509up_u123456.
[juser@silo1 ~]$

This creates a new proxy on the machine you are using. You will be prompted for the MyProxy pass phrase. A message confirms the creation of your proxy. You can use -t to control the lifetime of this proxy.

myproxy-logon -t 48 creates a proxy with a lifetime of 48 hours.

You can check the status of this proxy with myproxy-info and grid-proxy-info

juser@bugaboo:~> myproxy-info
username: juser
owner: /C=CA/O=Grid/ User abc-123
  timeleft: 833:31:22  (34.7 days)

juser@bugaboo:~> grid-proxy-info
subject  : /C=CA/O=Grid/ User abc-123/CN=123456789
issuer   : /C=CA/O=Grid/ User abc-123
identity : /C=CA/O=Grid/ User abc-123
type     : Proxy draft (pre-RFC) compliant impersonation proxy
strength : 2048 bits
path     : /tmp/x509up_u123456
timeleft : 47:59:05  (2.0 days)

For complete details on MyProxy usage, see the official user's guide.