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Grid Canada Certificates

WestGrid certificates are text files, signed by Grid Canada, that, when used with your pass-phrase, prove your identity. When a WestGrid account is created, a certificate is automatically provided to you.

These certificates are the starting-point for all authentication with grid services running at WestGrid sites. Your certificate does not allow direct access to WestGrid resources, but it allows you to create proxies, which do give you access.

Your grid certificate is a long-term credential, renewed annually along with your WestGrid account. Sixty days before your certificate expires, you will receive an email containing a link to our WestGrid renewal page. The process is quick and simple.

You can display information about your certificate using grid-cert-info. For example, to display the period during which your grid certificate is valid, use;

% grid-cert-info -subject -startdate -enddate
/C=CA/O=Grid/ User abc-123
Jul  2 15:04:52 2014 GMT
Aug  1 15:04:52 2015 GMT

Your grid certificate is preloaded to WestGrid MyProxy server and also stored in WestGrid Portal. Use the link to download your certificate and certficate key if you need to use for your special projects (like Atlas).

 *NOTE:  Contact us if you need help accessing your certificate.