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File Transfer

Development of software to facilitate computing in a grid environment is an active computer science research activity. As these tools become sufficiently well developed, more of them will be deployed in the WestGrid environment. Currently, grid technology allows users to connect within WestGrid using grid certificates rather than passwords, and to efficiently transfer file among the systems.  Grid certificates are also used to access the usage accounting statistics at

Explore the links below to learn more about how grid certificates and file transfer tools can be used in the WestGrid environment.

Grid Tools

Using Grid Tools

Grid certificates and proxies

Grid Certificates (a certificate signed by Compute Canada is required for authentication by all WestGrid grid services)

Grid Proxies (generated from the certificate for transfer between individual sites.)

Grid file transfer tools

Globus file transfer (useful introduction to general approach)

globus-url-copy (efficent, multi-stream file transfer between WestGrid sites. globus-url-copy is an order of magnitude faster than scp.)

gcp (grid-enabled version of scp using globus-url-copy.  Straightforward approach using the well-known scp syntax.)

SSHFS File Transfer

SSHFS (mount WestGrid network drives or directories to the local desktop)