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Vidyo is an easy-to-use HD quality videoconferencing technology that is available for many different platforms and devices. Compute Canada has purchased a Vidyo Portal and Gateway and is using it for video collaboration between desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux), devices (IOS, Android) and h.323 systems.

Vidyo accounts are available to Compute Canada users upon request, to support their distance collaboration needs. Whether it’s a quick video chat between colleagues, a multi-point videoconference amongst a larger distributed team, or a research presentation broadcast live to several sites, Vidyo offers the ability to connect and collaborate — anytime, anywhere,  on any device.

How to Get an Account

Any researcher in Canada and/or WestGrid user is able to get a Vidyo account.

Please visit the Compute Canada Vidyo Wiki for more information.

For additional help, contact 

Tips for choosing a headset and microphone

  • For optimal audio quality, you should use a standalone echo cancelling mic or a headset when participating in a call. 
  • For privacy you may also want to use earbud style headphones with your echo cancelling microphone (so that your neighbors can not hear your conversations).