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How to get an account

Please send an email to to inquiry about your eligibility for a Compute Canada Vidyo account and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • Institution
  • Phone (if applicable)

Training Material

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Reference and Reinforcement

Collaboration Best Practices


Audio considerations


Setting up or adjusting your audio

  • Audio setup and adjustments can be made in the Settings section. While in a call, click the Settings Icon (cog), then select Devices.
  • It is recommended to use the pre-set audio settings.
  • The use of built-in laptop mics is not recommended. Microphones that are built into laptops are problematic because of their proximity to the system fan and keyboard (which makes them susceptible to picking up the whirring sounds of the fan and clicking sounds of typing) and their lack of echo cancelation.


Tips for choosing a headset and microphone

  • For optimal audio quality, you should use a standalone echo cancelling mic or a headset when participating in a call.
  • For echo canceling mics, a good choice is the Phoenix Duet PCS. This is a USB microphone and speaker that you should be able to find for approx $150. If you have special requirements (you want to use your desktop speakers, you have a larger space) there are alternatives; however, the Phoenix Duet PCS should do a good job for a desktop environment.
  • For privacy you may also want to use earbud style headphones with your echo cancelling microphone (so that your neighbors can't hear your conversations). A good choice is the Clearone Chat 150/160.
  • If you prefer a headset, Logitech offers many good choices, especially those that are meant for gaming.


Click here for a full listing of recommended devices for use with Vidyo.

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