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Connecting to the WestGrid Jabber Server using Psi

Psi Installation & Setup

Installation depends on the platform you are running.

Fedora: 'sudo yum install psi'

Ubuntu: 'apt-get install psi'

Windows: download and install the software from the Psi website


Once installed:

The following assumes you have not yet registered for a WestGrid Jabber account.  If you already have an account, select either the 'Use Existing Account' option if asked, and/or do not check the 'Register New Account' checkbox.

  1. Launch the client
  2. If the 'Account Setup' dialog appears, select 'Register New Account

  3. If the 'Account Setup' dialog does not appear, select 'Account Setup' from the menu, enter a 'Name' for the account and select the 'Register new account' checkbox.

  4. As shown, enter the server name '' in the server area and click next.

  5. You will be prompted that the server 'fails the authenticity test'.  This is because we use a 'Self Signed Certificate'.  Click 'Continue'
  6. Enter your account details and click 'Next'

  7. You should receive a a dialog indicating that the account was registered successfully. Click OK. 
  8. Once registered, the Account Properties dialog will appear.  Select the 'Connection' tab and check the 'Ignore SSL warnings' so that you will not be warned about the Self Signed Certificate each time you connect - and click Save.
  9. Finally, on the main PSI window, change your status to 'Online'. A dialog will appear where you can enter (at your discretian) your information.

As with other IM clients, once logged in, you can add 'friends' that can contact you via this IM client.

To browse for available groupchats:

  1. Select 'Service Discovery' from the menu
  2. From the list, expand the 'Public Chatrooms' section and double click the chatroom you would like to enter.

To navigate directly to a known chatroom or create a chatroom of your own:

  1. Select Join Groupchat from the menu
  2. For host, enter:
  3. For room, enter the desired room name
  4. For nickname, enter your nickname