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Collaboration Facilities @ SFU

Through WestGrid, Simon Fraser University (SFU) has created a number of collaboration and visualization facilities across its campus. In addition, it has built up a number of research collaborations with a number of currently exisiting collaboration and visualization research facilities. These collaborations typically allow access to the facilities for WestGrid users. For more information about a specific facility and usage, please contact the facility contact person directly. For general questions about overall WestGrid collaboration and visualization capabilities please contact


WestGrid Physics Collaboration Room

  • Capabilities:
    • 2 high resolution LCD projectors
    • Linux and Windows workstations available in the room
    • Laptop video display available
    • 1 flat panel display with Smartboard overlay
    • Collaboration: HD H323, AccessGrid, Skype, EVO, tele-conferencing
    • Seats 20
  • Contact Info:
  • Room number: P8445A
  • Web page:

IRMACS Collaboration/Visualization Studio

  • Capabilities:
    • Two Barco Galaxy projectors with curved screen display (2 @ 1400x1050 pixels)
      • Active stereo 3D display capability
    • Sony HD Projector, 2048x1280 pixels
    • Three flat panel displays with smartboard overlays
    • SUN Ultra 40 Visualization System, nVidia Quadro 5600, dual display, stereo capable
    • One dual processor Mac OSX with dual nVidia GeForce 6600 graphics cards (quad output)
    • Collaboration: H323, AccessGrid, Skype, tele-conferencing
    • Seats 75 people
  • Contact Info:
  • Room number: ASB 10900
  • Web page:

IRMACS Room 10901

IRMACS Room 10908

IRMACS Room 10940