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Collaboration Room Reservations

There are two aspects to booking a Collaboration event within WestGrid .

  1. For the sites involved in the event, the physical rooms at the institutions need to be booked and the collaboration technicians should be notified.
  2. If the event is to be hosted on the WestGrid Vidyo infrastructure or Cisco bridge and will use significant resources (more than 5 connections), you should book the Vidyo Room / Cisco bridge to ensure its availability.

Collaboration Room Locations

Each WestGrid institution is equipped with one or more Collaboration facilities that are available for use by WestGrid researchers. A complete listing of locations can be found on our Seminar Locations page. To book one of these facilities, please email to share the details of your event and to arrange for a booking on the date(s) you need. If you have general questions about booking the Collaboration Facilities at WestGrid please contact us.

Vidyo and Cisco Bridge Booking

If you are planning to host a large meeting with more than 5 participants and would like to use the Vidyo or Cisco bridge, please contact us