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2010/2011 Allocations

The results from the Fall 2010 call for applications are shown below. If you have any questions, please contact us.




Project Title  


Entcho Demirov

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Coupled atmosphere-ocean regional modeling of the sub-polar North Atlantic

• 200 core years to be consumed (more or less evenly) over the period April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012 • 9.5 TB of disk storage (reduced, as discussed, from the requested 20 TB)

Xiaohua Wu

Royal Military College of Canada

Very-large-scale direct numerical simulation of flat-plate boundary layer and pipe flow

512 core years on M9K

Radhakrishnan Mahadevan

University of Toronto

Development of a mechanistic representation of in situ bioremediation via computational models

64 core years on M9K 2 TB on M9K

Andre Dieter Bandrauk

Université de Sherbrooke

FAZSST - Femto- Atto- Zepto-Second Simulations + Theory

270 coeurs année sur Colosse 80 coeurs année sur Cottos 140 coeurs année sur TCS 220 coeurs année sur Mp 45 coeurs année sur MsII 2 TB sur Colosse 2 TB sur Cottos 2 TB sur mammouth

Alan Evans

McGill University

Canadian Brain Imaging Research Network (CBRAIN)

36 core years on Colosse 40 core years on GPC_ETH 10 core years on Orcinus 36 core years on UDES_MS2 10 core years on Whale 2 TB on SciNet storage 5 TB on Colosse storage 5 TB on UDES_MS2 storage 2 TB on Orcinus storage 2 TB on Whale storage

David Zingg

University of Toronto

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for Future Aircraft Design

1877 core years on GPC_IB 5 TB on SciNet

Tomas Paus

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Toronto Trans-generational Brain & Body Database

1536 core years on GPC_ETH 180 TB on SciNet

Boualem Khouider

University of Victoria

Multi-scale and multicloud models for tropical convection and convectively coupled waves

600 core years on Nestor 10 TB on Nestor

Richard Peltier

University of Toronto

Atmospheric and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

450 core years on GPC_IB 1450 core years on TCS 340 TB on SciNet

Christopher Pritchet

University of Victoria

Canadian Advanced Network for Astronomical Research

68 core years on Breezy* 288 core years on Hermes 500 TB on Silo storage

*Please note these allocations will not be available as of January 17, 2011. Details are provided below.


Peter Tieleman

University of Calgary

Computational studies of biological membranes

100 TB on Silo storage 1000 core years on Colosse 750 core years on Orcinus 1250 core years on Lattice 1000 core years on Orca

Ue-Li Pen

University of Toronto

Cosmology from the dark sector, probing the epoch of reionization, detecting the largest magnetic fields of the Universe, understanding feedback between galaxies and supermassive blackholes.

2928 core years on GPC_ETH 340 core years on GPC_IB 224 core years on TCS 42 TB on SciNet

Regis Pomes

Hospital for Sick Children

Computational Studies of Biomolecular Structure and Function

1500 core years on Colosse 4800 core years on GPC_ETH 560 core years on GPC_IB 75 TB on SciNet 25 TB on Storage

Michel Vetterli

Simon Fraser University

The ATLAS Experiment: Investigation of Fundamental Interactions and the Structure of Matter by the Study of Very High Energy proton-proton Collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider

160 core years on Bugaboo 256 core years on SnowPatch 365 core years on Hermes 342 core years on Checkers 1070 core years on GPC_ETH 565 TB on Bugaboo/Snowpatch storage 565 TB on Hermes storage 160 TB on Checkers storage 750 TB on SciNet storage

Pierre L'Ecuyer

University de Montreal

Design and test of pseudorandom number generators and quasi-random point sets

45 coeurs année sur MsII 1 TB sur MsII

Claude Legault

Université de Sherbrooke

Computational Organic Chemistry : Understanding the origin of selectivity

11 coeurs année sur MsII

Stephane Moreau

Université de Sherbrooke

Direct noise predictions for transport applications

25 coeurs année sur MsII 25 coeurs année sur Mp 196 coeurs année sur Colosse 5 TB sur Colosse

André-Marie Tremblay

Université de Sherbrooke

Strong coupling physics in layered organic superconductors and high-temperature superconductors

298 coeurs année sur MsII

Pierre Gauthier

Université du

Québec à Montréal


A Canadian Earth System Numerical Research Laboratory

350 coeurs année sur Colosse

Nicolas Moitessier

McGill University

At the Interface of Computer Science, Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis

20 coeurs année sur MsII 21 coeurs année sur Colosse

Claude Bourbonnais

Université de Sherbrooke

Théorie du groupe de renormalisation appliquée aux systèmes quasi-unidimensionnels

36 coeurs année sur MsII

Normand Mousseau

University de Montreal

Étude de la dynamiques de matériaux complexes

50 coeurs année sur MsII 90 coeurs année sur Colosse 138 coeurs année sur Cottos

Eli Zysman-Colman

Université de Sherbrooke

Computational Modelling of the Photophysical Properties of Luminescent Iridium Complexes

24 coeurs année sur MsII 1 TB sur MsII

Martin Aube

Université de Sherbrooke

Optimization of a night time aerosol remote sensing

30 coeurs année sur MsII

Mario Marchand

Université Laval

Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms

105 coeurs année sur Colosse 1 TB sur Colosse

Jacques Corbeil

Université Laval

Massively paralleled computational approaches for genomics and proteomics

53 coeurs année sur Colosse 10 TB sur Colosse

François Bertrand

École Polytechnique

Modélisation des écoulements particulaires et en milieux poreux dans les procédés du génie chimique

60 coeurs année sur MsII 33 coeurs année sur Mp 45 coeurs année sur Cottos

Laurent Lewis

University de Montreal

Physical properties of advanced materials - from the atom to large-scale structures

32 coeurs année sur MsII 11 coeurs année sur Mp 30 coeurs année sur Altix 2 TB sur mammouth 1 TB sur Altix

David Poulin

Université de Sherbrooke

Codes correcteurs quantiques

36 coeurs année sur MsII 2 TB sur MsII

Pierre Harvey

Université de Sherbrooke

Modelisation Moléculaire DFT et TD-DFT

101 coeurs année sur MsII 11 coeurs année sur Mp 2 TB sur mammouth

Alexandre Blais

Université de Sherbrooke

Optique quantique et informatique quantique avec qubits supraconducteurs

32 coeurs année sur MsII

Nicolas Galanis

Université de Sherbrooke

Numerical evaluation of hydrodynamic, thermal and concentration fields for different geometries and boundary conditions

22 coeurs année sur MsII 25 coeurs année sur Altix 1 TB sur MsII 1 TB sur Altix

Yoshua Bengio

University de Montreal

Deep Learning Algorithms

150 coeurs année sur MsII 53 coeurs année sur Colosse 15 coeurs année sur Angel 2 TB sur MsII 6 TB sur Colosse

Michel Cote

University de Montreal

Calculs de structure électronique des supraconducteurs, nanotubes et polymères

70 coeurs année sur Cottos 50 coeurs année sur Altix 165 coeurs année sur Colosse

Warren Gross

McGill University

Monte-Carlo Simulation of Stochastic Iterative Error-Correcting Decoders

128 core years on Colosse

David Senechal

Université de Sherbrooke

Méthdes d'amas quantiques pour les électrons fortement corrélés

36 coeurs année sur MsII

Wagdi Habashi

McGill University

Development of Massively Parallel Multi-disciplinary CFD

100 core years on Altix 151 core years on Mp

Guy Dumas

Université Laval

Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory LMFN of Laval University

100 coeurs année sur Colosse 5 TB sur Colosse

Armand Soldera

Université de Sherbrooke

Approche multi-échelles à l’étude des transitions de phases

169 coeurs année sur MsII 2 TB sur MsII

Radu Iftimie

University de Montreal

The mechanism of acid-base reactions in water and at interfaces

60 coeurs année sur Cottos 85 coeurs année sur Altix 175 coeurs année sur Colosse 2 TB à l'UdeM 1 TB sur Colosse

Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin

Université de Sherbrooke

Études théoriques en chimie des radiations et radiobiologie fondamentale

39 coeurs année sur MsII 11 coeurs année sur Colosse 2 TB sur MsII 4 TB sur Colosse

Paul Charbonneau

University de Montreal

Convection magnétohyrodynamique solaire

73 coeurs année sur Cottos

Michel Meunier

École Polytechnique

Simulation of plasmonics enhanced femtosecond laser nanoprocessing and transfection of cells.

30 coeurs année sur MsII

Patrick Lague

Université Laval

Molecular modelling of peptides and proteins playing key roles in bacterial and viral infections

255 coeurs année sur Colosse 10 TB sur Colosse

Guillaume Lamoureux

Concordia University

Two projects: Large-scale dynamics of metalloproteins and Proton co-transport in ammonium transporters

164 coeurs année sur Cottos

Anne Frigon


Production d’un ensemble de projections climatiques régionales haute résolution à Ouranos

700 coeurs année sur Colosse

Noureddine Atalla

Université de Sherbrooke

Modélisation de la réponse vibroacoustique et aéroacoustique de structures complexes multimatériaux

34 coeurs année sur Mp 11 coeurs année sur MsII 11 coeurs année sur Colosse

Marius Paraschivoiu

Concordia University

Large Eddy Simulations of Jets in Cross Flows

32 coeurs année sur Mp

Herve Philippe

University de Montreal


84 coeurs année sur MsII

yves dory

Université de Sherbrooke

Cooperativity in stacking of hydrogen bonds

85 coeurs année sur Mp 2 TB sur Mp

Gilles Peslherbe

Concordia University

Application of Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Materials, Solvation and Biophysics

78 coeurs année sur MsII 50 coeurs année sur Altix 50 coeurs année sur Cottos 1 TB à l'UdeM

Luc Beaulieu

Université Laval

Calcul Monte-Carlo de la dose dans des cellules et noyaux cellulaires

200 coeurs année sur Colosse 1 TB sur Colosse

Nicolas Lartillot

University de Montreal

Modèles Bayésiens de génomique évolutive par Chaînes de Markov Monte Carlo.

52 coeurs année sur Mp 1 TB sur Mp

Hong Guo

McGill University

First principles modeling of nanoelectronic devices

70 core years on Cottos 200 core years on Altix 84 core years on Mp 65 core years on Colosse 105 core years on Saw

Christian Gagne

Ingénierie de systèmes intelligents distribué

48 coeurs année sur Colosse

Guy Rouleau

Analyse des séquences génétiques générées par séquençage à haut-débit

45 coeurs année sur Altix

Luc Mongeau

Aircraft noise simulation

133 coeurs année sur Colosse

Patrice Chartrand

États thermodynamique des systèmes métalliques contenants des terres rares

18 coeurs année sur Cottos 1 TB sur Cottos

Ulrich Fekl

University of Toronto

DFT Studies Aiding the Development of Molecular Catalysts and Harmonophores

44 core years on GPC_ETH

Tucker Carrington

Queen's University

Towards a potential for liquid water; superfluidity in Helium droplets with non-linear dopants; non-product quadrature grids for solving the Schroedinger equation.

26 core years on GPC_ETH 26 core years TCS 1 TB on SciNet

Raymond Kapral

University of Toronto

Dynamics of Complex Chemical and Biochemical Systems

2.5 core years on Angel 400 core years on GPC_ETH 200 core years on GPC_IB 1 TB on Angel 20 TB on SciNet

Edward Sudicky

University of Waterloo

Development and application of an integrated high-performance computational framework to analyze the impact of climate change on Canadian water resources

26 core years on TCS 32 core years on M9K

Lisa Strug

Hospital for Sick Children

Large scale simulations of Genome-Wide Association Studies

228 core years on GPC_ETH 1 TB on SciNet

Frances Skinner

University Health Network

Large scale simulations of Genome-Wide Association Studies

370 core years on GPC_ETH 2 TB on SciNet

Hue Sun Chan

University of Toronto

Order and Disorder in Protein Folding and Interactions

768 core years on GPC_ETH

Harald Pfeiffer

University of Toronto

Numerical studies of compact object binaries with application to gravitational-wave detection

2080 core years on GPC_ETH 10 TB on SciNet

Norman Murray

University of Toronto

Feedback in galaxy and star formation

150 core years on GPC_ETH

John Dubinski

University of Toronto

Galaxy Formation Through the Ages

400 core years on GPC_ETH 120 core years on GPC_IB

Luis Lehner

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Modeling General Relativistic Astrophysics: Neutron Stars and Black Holes

570 core years on GPC_IB 10 TB on SciNet

ALberto Leon-Garcia

University of Toronto

Modeling and Control of Large-Scale Transportation Networks

3 core years on TCS 3 TB on SciNet

J. Richard Bond

University of Toronto

CMB, Early Universe, and Large Cosmic Structures

3000 core years on GPC _ETH 50 TB on SciNet

John Polanyi

University of Toronto

Atomic Motions Underlying Chemical Reaction

5 core years on GPC_IB 192 core years on TCS

John Parkinson

Hospital for Sick Children

Evolutionary Systems Biology

88 core years on GPC_ETH 2 TB on SciNet

Clinton Groth

University of Toronto

Multi-Scale Adaptive Modelling and Numerical Methods for Turbulent Reactive Flows

960 core years on GPC_IB 20 TB on SciNet

Hans-Arno Jacobsen

University of Toronto

Large-Scale Publish/Subscribe-Based Event Processing and Content Dissemination

120 core years on GPC_ETH

Qinya Liu

University of Toronto

Imaging Earth's interior and earthquake rupture processes based on numerical simulations of 3D seismic wave propagation

48 core years on GPC_IB 12 core years on TCS

Jorge Vinals

McGill University

Stochastic Effects in Gene Regulation

22 core years on Colosse 15 core years on GPC_ETH 5 TB on Colosse 3 TB on SciNet

Alessandro Forte

Université du Québec √† Montréal

Numerical Modelling of Thermal Convection in the Earth's Interior on Realistic Spatial and Time Scales

461 core years on TCS

Paul Kushner

University of Toronto

The Joint Effects of Surface and Stratospheric Processes on Northern Hemisphere Extratropical Climate Variability

320 core years on TCS 40 TB on SciNet

Eric Galbraith

McGill University

Fundamental Drivers of Earth System Dynamics

101 core years on GPC_IB 4 TB on SciNet

Joaquim Martins

University of Toronto

High-fidelity multidisciplinary design optimization for the next generation of aircraft

182 core years on GPC_IB 91 core years ON GPC_ETH

Virginijus Barzda

University of Toronto

Ab initio Modeling of Nanoscopic Biological Structures Visualized with Harmonic Generation Microscopy

92 core years on GPC_ETH

Nasser Ashgriz

University of Toronto

Modeling Multi-phase flows with Bubbles and Drops

342 core years on GPC_ETH

Murray Thomson

University of Toronto

Parallel Solution of Particle Formation in Chemically Reacting Flow Problems

150 core years on Colosse 784 core years on GPC_IB

robin gras

University of Windsor

Analysis of a predator-prey evolving ecosystem simulation

105 core years on Whale 105 TB on Sharcnet

Fue-Sang Lien

University of Waterloo

Development of High-Performance Numerical Simulation Methodologies for Urban Flow and Dispersion

31 core years on Saw 5 TB on Saw

Alison Sills

McMaster University

Formation and evolution of star-forming cores in giant molecular clouds

229 core years on Requin 2 TB on Requin

Tom Woo

University of Ottawa

High Throughput Computational Screening of Easy-Release CO2 Capture Materials at the Molecular Level

800 core years on Orca 2 TB on Orca

Erik Schnetter

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Dynamics and Stability of General Relativistic Accretion Disks around Black Holes

270 core years on Orca 20 TB on SharcNet

Ralph Pudritz

McMaster University

Igniting the Nursery: Modeling the Evolution of the Star Forming Clouds

42 core years on Saw 2 TB on Saw

Stephen Ogg

University of Alberta

Storage for UAlberta Cell Imaging Centre

100 TB on Silo

George Kirczenow

Simon Fraser University

Theoretical Studies of Nanoscale Systems

200 core years on Checkers

Adam Krawitz

University of Victoria

fMRI for Cognitive Neuroscience in Victoria

9 TB on Silo

Yuanming Pan

University of Saskatchewan

Theoretical modeling of paramagnetic defects in minerals

51 core years on Bugaboo 5 TB on Bugaboo storage 102 core years on Orcinus

Gane Ka-Shu Wong

University of Alberta

Viral metagenomics and 1000 plant transcriptomes

48 core years on Checkers 10 TB on Checkers stroage

Andrew Weaver

University of Victoria

Simulations using the UVic Earth System Climate Model

100 core years on Hermes 2 TB on Hermes storage

Gregory Hackman


Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy at ISAC Archival Data Storage

20 TB on Silo

Douglas Bryman

University of British Columbia

Rare Decay Experiments and Applied Physics Projects

100 core years on Bugaboo 60 TB on Bugaboo storage 170 TB on Silo

Tom Ziegler

University of Calgary

The development and use of DFT based tools in catalytic research

600 core years on Lattice 6 TB on Silo

Dennis Salahub

University of Calgary

Multiscale modeling of complex systems i) systems biology ii) in-situ catalysis for sustainable energy

504 core years on Lattice

Hans-Joachim Wieden

University of Lethbridge

Molecular Dynamics of Translation Factors

40 core years on Bugaboo 5 TB on Bugaboo storage 10 TB on Silo

Ian Affleck

University of British Columbia

Superfluid Helium in nano-pores

20 core years on Orcinus

Tomasz W. Wysokinski

University of Saskatchewan

Biomedical Imaging and Therapy (BMIT) Beamlines at Canadian Light Source

20 TB on Silo

Gren Patey

University of British Columbia

Computer Simulation of Molecular Systems

200 core years on Orcinus 150 core years on Lattice

Francis Zwiers

University of Victoria

Quantifying the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change in the Fraser and Skeena Watersheds, British Columbia, Canada

11 core years on Hermes 1 TB on Hermes storage

Richard Bowles

University of Saskatchewan

Heterogeneous Nucleation and Deliquescence in a Model Atmospheric Aerosol System

58 core years on Orcinus

Steven Plotkin

University of British Columbia

Computational solutions for the structural and dynamic origins of protein misfolding and biomolecular electromagnetic sensing

218 core years on Nestor

Thomas James

University of Victoria

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Modelling for Understanding Past, Present, and Future Sea-level Change

500 core years on Nestor

Carey Williamson

University of Calgary

Networks Research Group (ELISA)

50 TB - specific storage locations to be determined. There were some questions raised when reviewing your proposal and past usage about what the most appropriate system for your allocation. Please work with WestGrid's CTO, Rob Simmonds, to find the most appropriate location(s) for your storage allocation.

Michael Eikerling

Simon Fraser University

Molecular Modeling of Materials for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

72 core years on Breezy 92 core years on Orcinus

John Fyfe

University of Victoria

Understanding the role of the Southern Ocean in global climate change using a high resolution global climate model

120 core years on Nestor

Sergei Noskov

University of Calgary

Theoretical Models of Solute Transport Across Biological and Artificial Membranes

125 core years on Grex 2 TB on Grex storage 200 core years on Lattice 2 TB on Lattice storage 30 TB on Silo

John Tse

University of Saskatchewan

Electronic Theory of Novel High Pressure and Energy Materials

64 core years on Bugaboo

Arthur Olin



65 TB on Silo

Falk Herwig

University of Victoria

Hydrodynamic simulations for single and binary stars

175 core years on Lattice 6 TB on Lattice




University of British



Problems in Computational Relativity

250 core years on Orcinus

40 TB on Silo

Benoît Pirenne

University of Victoria

Improved access and processing for data from the NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS cabled ocean observatories

60 TB on Silo

Nikitas Dimopoulos

University of Victoria

Towards Exascale Computing Systems

18 core years on Heremes 8 core years on Nestor

Stephen Neville

University of Victoria

Mobile Ad Hoc Network and Peer-to-Peer Botnet Statistically Rigorous Simulation Studies

27 core years on Orcinus

Gregory Lawrence

University of British Columbia

Modeling of hydrodynamic instability, turbulence and mixing

134 core years on Orcinus 40 TB on Silo

Paul Myers

University of Alberta

Development of an Ocean/Sea-Ice Modelling Capacity for Marine Forecasting

51 core years on Checkers 5 TB on Silo

Noham Weinberg

Simon Fraser University

Theoretical studies of molecular systems and their reactions under extreme conditions of high pressure and/or high viscosity

32 core years on Checkers 86 core years on Orcinus

Yan Wang

University of British Columbia

Achieving High Accuracy for Both Total Energy and Density Matrix with Applications to Materials Science

38 core years on Breezy 140 core years on Orcinus

Stanimir Bonev

Dalhousie University

Matter under extreme conditions: first principles theory and applications

256 core years on Orcinus 16 TB on Silo

Chris Soteros

University of Saskatchewan

Lattice Models of Polymers: Entanglement Complexity After a Local Strand Passage

100 core years on Lattice 20 TB on Silo

Ingrid Stairs

University of British Columbia

Radio telescope pulsar data repository

7 TB on Silo

Bob McLeod

University of Manitoba

Agent Based Models for Public Health Applications

27 core years on Orcinus

Susan Brown

University of Guelph

1 TB Storage for Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory

1 TB on Silo 1 TB on Checkers

Mirza Faisal Beg

Simon Fraser University

Shape-based Computational Biomarkers for Early Detection and Differential Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

128 core years on Bugaboo storage 13 TB on Bugaboo

Slim Ibrahim

University of Victoria

Mesoscale Dynamics

50 core years on Nestor

Bing-Chen Wang

University of Manitoba

High-Performance Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Dispersion in Complex Urban Environments

64 core years on Orcinus

Holger Hoos

University of British Columbia

Automated Configuration of Heuristic Algorithms from Components

200 core years on Orcinus 300 core years on Lattice

Kathryn McWilliams

University of Saskatchewan

Canadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP)

10 TB on Silo

Andriy Kovalenko

University of Alberta

Theory, modeling and simulation on multiple space and time scales for rational design in nanochemistry, nanoelectronics, nanomaterials, energy and health



256 core years on Bugaboo 5 TB on Bugaboo storage 256 core years on Checkers

5 TB on Checkers storage

20 TB on Silo


George Sawatzky

University of British Columbia

Numerical Modeling of Spin Polarons

60 TB on Bugaboo

H. Georg Schreckenbach

University of Manitoba

Benchmarking of Catalytic Systems, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

179 core years on Orcinus 250 core years on Placentia 2 TB on Placentia storage

Hirohisa Tanaka

University of British Columbia

Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) Neutrino Oscillation Experiment

73 core years on Bugaboo 177 core years on GPC_ETH 100 TB on Silo 5 TB on SciNet 5 TB on Bugaboo/Snowpatch

Mark Thachuk

University of British Columbia

Dynamics of Gas Phase Ions

120 core years on Orcinus 90 core years on GPC-eth