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2009/2010 Allocations


* Allocations based on the 2009 Call for Proposal




Department Allocation
1 Tanaka, Hirohisa / Barbi, Mauricio / Akira, Konaka / Poutissou, Renee  Local Resource Allocation Application for the T2K Canada Collaboration  TRIUMF Physics 80 cores on Bugaboo
150 TB on Silo
2 Beg, Mirza Faisal Computational Biomarkers For Early Detection of Shape Changes in Alzheimer's  SFU Engineering Science

130 cores on Bugaboo
13 TB on Bugaboo

3 Bonev, Stanimir First principles studies of materials under extreme conditions and of organic metal interfaces  Dalhousie Physics 200 cores on Orcinus
8 TB on Silo
4 Brinkman, Fiona Molecular Docking to Identify New Anti-Infective Protein-Drug Interactions  SFU Molecular Biology & Biochemestry 300 cores on Bugaboo
2TB on Bugaboo 
2TB on Gridstore
5 Brinkman, Ryan  Automated Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data for Classification of Lymphoma and Leukemia  BC Cancer Research Centre Terry Fox Laboratory 90 cores on Bugaboo
400GB on Bugaboo
6 Bryman, Douglas  Rare Decay Experiments  TRIUMF Physics & Astronomy 20 cores on Orcinus
140 TB on Silo
7 Choptuik, Matthew Problems in computational relativity  UBC Physics

128 cores on Orcinus
128 cores on Glacier 
30 TB on Gridstore

8 Clark, Peter Theoretical Investigations of the Claus and Related Processes  UofC Chemistry 100 cores on Glacier
9 George, Graham  Structure Calculations of Molybdenum, Mercury and Copper Containing Proteins  USask Geological Sciences 24 cores on Checkers
1 TB on Silo
10 Hormes, Josef Data Storage for the Canadian Light Source  Usask Physics & Engineering Physics 90 TB on Silo
11 Kirczenow, George Theoretical Studies of the Properties of Nanoscale Systems  SFU Physics 40 cores on Checkers
150 cores on Glacier
12 Lange, Carlos  Numerical simulation of the evolutionary change in the hydrodynamics of Cetaceans; from the Basilosaurus to the Orca  UofA  Mechanical Engineering 16 cores on Checkers
4 TB on Checkers
13 Malli, Gulzari Theoretical Chemistry and Physics of Superheavy Elements  SFU  Chemistry  40 cores on Snowpatch
7 TB on Gridstore
14 Olin, Arthur / Marshall,Glen TWIST  TRIUMF  Physics 60 cores on Glacier
15 McLeod, Bob  Agent Based Models for Healthcare Applications  UofM  Electrical & Computer Engineering  40 cores on Glacier 
16 Minev, Petar Direct Numerical Simulations of Multi-Particle Flows  UofA  Mathematics & Statistics 128 cores on Checkers
75 cores on Orcinus 
17 Myers , Paul Development of an Ocean/Sea-Ice Modelling Capacity for Marine Forecasting  UofA  EAS  28 cores on Checkers
8 cores on Arcturus
12 cores on Cortex 
18 Noskov, Sergei  A multi-scale approach to model ion and solute interactions with membrane proteins  UofC  Biological Sciences 55 cores on Checkers
150 cores on Orcinus
5 TB on Checkers
20 TB on Silo
19 Ormiston, Scott Modelling the Branching Flow in Compact Heat Exchangers  UofM Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 40 cores on Checkers
20 Otto, Sarah Modeling evolutionary processes UBC Zoology 50 cores on Orcinus
21 Pan, Yuanming Theoretical modeling of defect centers in minerals  USask Geological Sciences 128 cores on Glacier
1 TB on Silo
22 Patey, Gren Computer Simulation of Molecular Systems  UBC Chemistry 200 cores on Orcinus
150 cores on Glacier
23 Pritchet, Christopher Canadian Advanced Network for Astronomical Research      n/a
24 Rankin, Robert Facility for Data Analysis and Modeling UofA Physics 128 cores on Checkers
64 cores on Arcturus
3 TB on Silo
25 Rauk, Arvi  The Chemistry of Alzheimer's Disease  UofC Chemistry 48 cores on Checkers
26 Sahinalp, Cenk Computational Studies of non-Coding RNAs (ncRNAs)  SFU Computing Science/Computational Biology  128 cores on Glacier
100 cores on Arcturus
24 cores on Cortex
27 Salahub, Dennis  Multiscale modeling of complex systems i) systems biology ii) in-situ catalysis for sustainable energy  UofC Chemistry 230 cores on Orcinus
10 TB on Silo
28 Sawatzky, George Large-Scale 2D Quantum Anti-Ferromagnetic Lattice UBC Physics & Astronomy 10 cores on Cortex
2 TB on Silo
29 Schreckenbach, Georg H.  Quantum-Chemical Simulations of Chemical Processes on Surfaces      128 cores on Orcinus
30 Soteros, Chris  Lattice Models of Polymers: Entanglement Complexity After a Local Strand Passage  USask Mathematics & Statistics 75 cores on Glacier
40 TB on Silo
31 Tatsuno, Masami / McNaughton, Bruce / Euston, David / Luczak, Artur / Gruber, Aaron Brain dynamics: computational analysis of high density neural recordings  ULeth Neuroscience 50 cores on Orcinus
5 TB on Silo
32 Thachuk, Mark  Dynamics of Gas Phase Ions  UBC Chemistry 125 cores on Orcinus
33 Tieleman, Peter Computational studies of biological membranes  UofC Biological Sciences 500 cores on Orcinus
34 Wang, Bing-Chen  Advanced Numerical Simulation System for Urban Atmospheric Hazard Prediction and Assessment  UofM Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 200 cores on Orcinus
2 TB on Silo
35 Wang, Yan Large-Scale First-Principles Simulations  UBC Chemistry 75 cores on Checkers
70 cores on Orcinus
12 cores on Cortex
1 TB on Silo
36 Weinberg, Noham  Theoretical studies of molecular systems and their reactions under extreme conditions of high pressure and/or high viscosity  SFU/UFV  Chemistry 50 cores on Orcinus
100 on Glacier
37 Wieden, Hans-Joachim  Molecular Dynamics of Translation  ULeth Chemistry & Biochemistry 40 cores on Bugaboo
38 Ziegler, Tom Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry and New Methods  UofC Chemistry 150 cores on Checkers
200 cores on Orcinus
150 cores on Glacier
39 Eikerling, Michael Ab initio Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Processes in Electrochemical Materials for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells UofA Chemistry 100 cores on Bugaboo
16 cores on Cortex
40 Kovalenko, Andriy Theory, modeling and simulation on multiple space and time scales for rational design in nanochemistry, nanoelectronics, nanomaterials, energy and health applications UofA National Institute for Nanotechnology -- Theory and Modeling 80 cores on Bugaboo
50 cores on Checkers
41 Tse, John Structures and Properties from First Principles USask Physics

20 cores on Orcinus
24 cores on Cortex