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As part of the Compute Canada national platform, WestGrid operates a grid-enabled distributed framework of advanced computing clusters, data storage sites, visualization resources and collaboration facilities located throughout Western Canada.

The compute sites are connected through a dedicated WestGrid core network.  The core network makes use of provincial ORANs (Optical Regional Advanced Networks) and CANARIE's national network infrastructure, and provides 10 GB/s bandwidth between most sites. This allows for very high-speed communications between sites and can be be used for services like large file transfers between compute sites and the major storage site in Saskatchewan.

Additionally, the affiliated universities provide at least 1 Gb/s links to the commercial internet, and CANARIE peers with major providers, both academic and commercial.

Connecting to a WestGrid Site

For detailed instructions on how to connect to WestGrid resources over the high-speed network, please refer to our QuickStart Guide for New Users.

WestGrid Network Partners

National Network Partner  
Provincial Network Partners  
SRnet MRnet