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RAC 2018

Each fall, Compute Canada invites researchers to apply to its annual Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC) and request storage and compute resources. Applications submitted to these competitions are evaluated for both technical feasibility and scientific excellence. These competitions are open to all researchers based at Canadian academic institutions who are eligible to apply for funding to the federal granting agencies.

Questions about Compute Canada’s Resource Allocation Competitions are welcome at any time by emailing For general inquiries about the process, please refer to the 2018 Competition page on the Compute Canada website or visit Compute Canada's RAC - Frequently Asked Questions page.

2018 Competition Information

The 2018 RAC will host two competitions:

  • Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition
    The RRG Competition is targeted at applications from individuals or small groups of researchers in need of compute or storage resources beyond what can be obtained via the Rapid Access Service. Allocations are awarded based on the quality of the science, quality of the research team, and development of highly qualified personnel (HQP).
    • * New for 2018 * -- Applicants who have already been Fast Tracked twice can still apply to be Fast Tracked again this year (typically allocations via Fast Track are limited to two years in a row). Please read the Fast Track Eligibility Criteria for further details.

  • Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition
    The RPP Competition is targeted specifically at applications that create new or support existing research platforms or portals. Allocations in this competition are awarded over multiple years, up to a maximum of three years.
    • * New for 2018 * -- Applicants are no longer required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) prior to submitting a full application. 

More details and the full competition schedule can be found on the Compute Canada website. If you have questions about the requirements of a competition or about the RAC process in general, please email

WestGrid Webinar: RPPs for Humanities & Social Science Researchers

On Thursday, September 21, WestGrid is hosting a webinar presentation that will explore how Compute Canada's RPP Competition can support research projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. RPPs are often used by groups who:

  • provide a public platform serving a large community of users (individuals and/or small groups)
  • engage in international agreements to provide multi-year computing or storage solutions based in Canada
  • provide shared data sets accessible using a third party (non-Compute Canada) interface
  • are recipients of the Major Science Initiative from the Canada Foundation for Innovation

Session Details:
Thursday, September 21
10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific
REGISTER HERE (webinar connection details will be emailed to all registrants)


Compute Canada Webinar: RAC 2018 Q&A Session

To learn more about this year's competitions, as well as important changes to the RAC 2018 process, Compute Canada invites you to attend its online Q&A Session.

Session Details:
Wednesday, October 11
12:00 - 1:30 pm Eastern
RSVP HERE (webinar connection details will be emailed to all registrants)


Out-of-Round Allocations

Compute Canada will only consider requests outside of the 2018 Competition time frame under very special circumstances. Two such examples include:

  • a sudden chance for a major breakthrough
  • a new faculty member who just moved to Canada

In these special situations a researcher can submit an “Out-of-Round” application at any time of year. Compute Canada staff will review the project’s requirements and if the researcher qualifies, he/she will be granted access to complete an Out-of-Round application through a link administered through the Compute Canada DataBase (CCDB).

Out-of-Round requests are reviewed based on the quality of the science outlined in the proposal, the qualifications of the principal investigators, and the technical justification for the requested resources. Following submission, the resource requirements and justification documents will undergo a review process and the user will be notified of next steps. For more information, or to request an Out-of-Round Application, please contact