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Gaussian License Conditions at WestGrid


WestGrid has a full commercial license for the Gaussian computational chemistry package. Both Gaussian 03 and Gaussian 09 have been installed on the WestGrid Checkers cluster, although we encourage all users to migrate to Gaussian 09.

Applying to Use Gaussian on WestGrid

The license stipulates that WestGrid shall not make the software available to anyone in a research group developing software that Gaussian Inc. views as directly competitive to them.

To apply for approval to use Gaussian, send an email message to with the subject
Gaussian access request (your_WestGrid_username) stating:

  1. I am not a member of a research group developing software competitive to Gaussian.
  2. I will stop using Gaussian on WestGrid systems immediately and will notify WestGrid ( if there is a change in my situation that would bring into question my status with respect to point 1. above.
  3. I will not copy the Gaussian software, nor make it available to anyone else.
  4. I will properly acknowledge Gaussian Inc. in published works to which Gaussian calculations on the WestGrid systems contributed.

    (See for details.)

Please ensure that your email is signed with your name.

If you have questions regarding the interpretation of these conditions, please contact us to discuss them.