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Legacy Systems Update - Bugaboo Decommissioned JANUARY 2018

WestGrid News

WestGrid Legacy Systems Defunding Update

“Defunded” means that the system is no longer funded, operated or maintained as part of Compute Canada’s national cyberinfrastructure platform, which is funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) Major Science Initiatives (MSI) program. Local institutions may choose to keep a system running, which may result in usage limited to a certain group of users (e.g. only those from the local institution).

Compute Canada Announces Resource Allocation Competitions for 2015

WestGrid News

Compute Canada is proud to announce its Resource Allocation Opportunities for 2015. Compute Canada’s Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources are accessible to researchers at Canadian academic institutions and may be accessed using the opportunities below. There are four components to this year's Resource Allocation Competition:

Uof A Director, Research Computing Services Position

Information Services and Technology (IST), the central IT department at the University of Alberta, provides the key infrastructure, services, and support for research, and for the teaching and learning endeavors and provides support directly to individuals, to faculties and departments, and across the enterprise, keeping the University on the leading edge of information technology.

Helen Burt

Dr. Burt was born in Manchester, England and obtained her BPharm (honours) from the University of Bath and her PhD in pharmaceutics from UBC. She is the Angiotech professor of drug delivery in the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and began her term as associate vice-president, research & international in 2011. Dr. Burt's major research efforts are supported by grants from CIHR and NSERC and involve the development of polymer-based drug delivery systems for controlled and localized drug delivery. She has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers and holds eight patents.

Sergei Noskov

Sergei Noskov is the current Chair of the WestGrid Executive and an Associate Professor in Centre for Molecular Simulation at the University of Calgary. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Noskov’s research focuses on Molecular Modelling, Membrane Proteins (Ion Channels and Ion-coupled transporters), Quantum Chemistry of Biologically Relevant Molecules, Free Energy Profiles, and Protein Structure/Function prediction.