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OGF Workshop on Science Applications and Infrastructure in Clouds and Grids

The Open Grid Forum is calling for abstract submissions for a workshop on Science Applications and Infrastructure in Clouds and Grids, to be held March 15 - 16, 2012 in Oxford, UK in conjunction with its OGF 34 meeting. OGF invites prospective participants to submit brief abstracts, on the order of one paragraph, on any of the related topics listed below. OGF is also interested in presentations on forefront applications and/or framework infrastructures useful in clouds and grids in support of science application areas. Abstracts will be considered for acceptance for a short (20 to 30 minute) presentation at the workshop, to be followed up by an optional short position paper to be published in the workshop report. The deadline for submission of abstracts is Feb 24, 2012. To submit an abstract, or for more information on the workshop, please visit the workshop website.

Abstracts should address one of the following questions:

  • What are the relative benefits of cloud vs. grid models?
  • Are clouds and grids best used in conjunction with each other, or on their own?
  • What sort of scientific applications are better suited to each model? Which run better on grids, and which on clouds? Are some areas of research better suited to each model than others?
  • How does the difference between cost and support personnel considerations affect research, planning, and funding?
  • How do trust and security issues and other constraints affect the uptake of cloud resources?
  • What is missing at the cyber/einfrastructure layers, in the applications and supporting libraries, or in the funding models to improve the uptake of cloud resources?
  • What is the role of private, community, hybrid and/or commercial cloud models in building frameworks to support scientific research?
  • How can scientific research best make use of the work coming out of the existing cloud projects and related activities? What new projects along these lines should be pursued?
  • What are the roles of standards bodies and interoperation projects in improving the uptake of research in the clouds? Can we improve on the situation?