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Compute Canada consortium gets IBM Supercomputer

TORONTO, June 18 -- The University of Toronto's SciNet Consortium, Compute Canada, and IBM today announced the completion of a new supercomputer facility at SciNet that has a peak processing power of more than 300 trillion calculations per second, making it Canada's most powerful supercomputer and one of the most powerful and energy-efficient supercomputers in the world.

The consortium, which includes the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals, will enhance SciNet's competitive position in globally important research projects. The IBM Supercomputer will be used for ground-breaking research in aerospace, astrophysics, bioinformatics, chemical physics, climate change prediction, medical imaging and the global ATLAS project, which is investigating the forces that govern the universe. SciNet is one of seven consortia that comprise Compute/Calcul Canada, a national high performance computing resource for academic institutions. SciNet is currently funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario government and the University of Toronto.

Read the full press release here.