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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this spreadsheet for an example scenario of cost and equipment specifications for a set of collaboration rooms. It includes a high-level functional breakdown of collaboration room requirements, a more detailed description of the components, an example of a piece of equipment that fills that need, an approximate price for that equipment, and a rationale about what the equipment is used for.

Please note, there is no one-size-fits-all setup for a...

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Send email to  We have a group of expert Support Analysts who monitor that mailing list and can respond to any questions.  Please include the name of the system you're using and your WestGrid username.

CLICK HERE for a handout of common pbs script commands, environment variables, job monitoring commands, cluster and group information. 

There are also a number of commands that can be used to monitor job queues and machines (CLICK HERE for a Summary Sheet of common job monitoring commands).

You may also refer to the Running Jobs Page and...

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Compute Canada, in partnership with regional organizations WestGrid, Compute Ontario, Calcul Québec and ACENET, leads the acceleration of research innovation by deploying state-of-the-art advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and software solutions. Together these partners provide essential ARC services and infrastructure for Canadian researchers and their collaborators in all academic and industrial sectors.

Compute Canada's world-class team of more than 200 experts, employed by 34 partner universities and research...

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WestGrid offers online training sessions on topics such as getting started with WestGrid, programming languages, specialized software, research data management, and data visualization tools.

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