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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having connection issues, first check the WestGrid System Status page for any known issues/outages that may be affecting your connection.

First-time WestGrid users should read the section on connecting in the QuickStart Guide for New Users.

If there are no known issues, your connection problem may be related to Domain Name System (DNS). To successfully connect to WestGrid systems, your computer's IP address must be correctly...

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For commercial software requests, please visit the Commercial Software Request page and fill out the form.  This will be submitted to the support team for review.

For open-source software, please write to with your request, and if possible, give an indication of which system you think is most appropriate.

Please see the QuickStart Guide for New Users, specifically the section "Choosing Which System to Use".

For any questions not covered here, or for more in-depth answers to any of the questions featured here, send email to

Compute Canada DataBase. It is a database of researchers who wish to use the High Performance Computing facilities provided by Compute Canada Calcul Canada.

There are four regional consortia providing HPC resources in Canada. All are funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The CFI expects the consortia to work together to provide researchers access to the computing power they need. To do this, and to make it easier for users to gain access to computing facilities across Canada, we have set up the CCDB. The CCDB...

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  • Register
  • Manage personal information and roles
  • Link to consortia sites to apply for accounts
  • Apply for NRAC allocation
  • Manage RAP information and membership

A CCI (Compute Canada Identifier) is a unique personal and national identifier. This is the identity you are required to bring to any of the regional HPC consortia when you apply for a local account. Your CCI is different from the local usernames given to you by the regional consortia. You can register for a CCI at

In order to register with the CCDB you either need to be a faculty member at a Canadian university or be sponsored by a faculty member at a Canadian university that is registered with the CCDB. People who can be sponsored include graduate students and research staff that report to the sponsoring faculty member.