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I've forgotten my password, can someone send me/reset my password?

For security reasons, no one at WestGrid knows your password.

If you are sure that you have forgotten your password, we need to relay a temporary password to you by telephone. Send an email to and we will give you appropriate telephone numbers that you can use to contact a WestGrid account administrator.  When you phone you will be given a temporary password that you use to log in to .

Through that page you will be able to choose a new permanent password.   Clicking on the Reset Password button starts a chain of events through which your password will be reset on all the WestGrid systems for which you have an account and a request is sent in for a new Grid Canada grid certificate as well.

It is helpful if you have a web browser open to the above web page when you call.

If you have forgotten your password and you have three security questions on file, you can click the Forgotten Password page link on the portal sign in page. You will immediately receive an email with a URL. Please note that the URL will only be valid for one hour.

Security questions will be collected during account creation, renewal, or by logging into the WestGrid portal and adding them.