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About WestGrid (FAQ)

WestGrid's 14 partner institutions include:

British Columbia
University of Victoria
University of British Columbia
Simon Fraser University
University of Northern British Columbia

University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge
The Banff Centre
Athabasca University

University of Saskatchewan
University of Regina

University of Manitoba
The University of Winnipeg
Brandon University

WestGrid resources support research that depends on access to computing resources beyond the means of the local resources of the individual researcher. This also serves to relieve the researcher of the burden of maintaining his or her own machine room.

You should consider using WestGrid if your local computing environment presents fundamental barriers to advancement of your projects, due to such factors as limited numbers of machines, limited memory, inadequate disk space etc. Another reason to use WestGrid is for the access it provides to parallel processing for faster turnaround of individual jobs, and more aggregrate memory to enable larger jobs to be completed.

Please contact if you have any questions about whether or not WestGrid is a fit for your research computing needs.

WestGrid is one of four regional HPC consortia that operate and support Compute Canada national platform of supercomputing resources, which brings together computer and data facilities, computational expertise, and hundreds of academic researchers to tackle some of Canada’s biggest research challenges.

Compute Canada serves a user community across the country in disciplines ranging from the sciences and engineering to arts and humanities. The partner institutions and resource centres that comprise the national platform are hubs of interdisciplinary computational research. Together, these distributed computing facilities work collaboratively to provide the expertise and resources necessary to give Canada’s researchers and innovators access to world-class technologies.

As one of Compute Canada’s largest regional divisions, WestGrid encompasses 15 partner institutions across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Its user community is supported by a distributed and cohesive team of technical staff and system architects.