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What's New and Exciting About Graham's GPUs


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Sergey Mashchenko


The newest and largest Compute Canada and SHARCNET cluster, Graham, will shortly become available to Compute Canada users. Among its exciting features is a substantial number (320) of the newest HPC GPUs from NVIDIA, Pascal P100. (The other new National Compute Canada cluster, Cedar, will have 584 Pascal P100 GPUs.)

This will be a very significant improvement for SHARCNET users in terms of GPGPU capabilities, both quantitatively (27x more GPU flops than our older GPU cluster, monk) and qualitatively (new GPU capabilities; three generations newer than the monk GPUs). This webinar will discuss all the new important features of the Graham GPUs, with a live demonstration.

Some minimum familiarity with GPGPU programming (CUDA or OpenCL) is desirable.

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