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Visualization Support in WestGrid / Compute Canada


Speaker Info:

Alex Razoumov
Visualization Coordinator
WestGrid / Compute Canada


Unlike our previous visualization webinars on very specific topics, this month's talk is targeted at the widest audience possible. We will describe scientific visualization support available to all researchers in WestGrid / Compute Canada.

This presentation will talk about remote visualization and its various implementations across the country, outline some of the popular open-source visualization packages, and provide an overview of Compute Canada's data visualization training events.

Request for Future Topic Suggestions:

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Image Credit:
This is a screen capture of an animation created by Svetlana Baoukina, Dmitri Rozmanov and Peter Tieleman (University of Calgary) which shows a lipid monolayer in equilibrium with lipid vesicles on water surface. The movie (which can be viewed here) was generated using ParaView and simulations were performed on WestGrid (Compute Canada) resources.

Seminar Slides