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Using WestGrid's Allinea Tools - Application Performance Profiling and Debugging

Allinea DDT




This course for application developers gives you the ability to do more science & spend less time debugging and includes:

  • Powerful, simple techniques to systematically measure and improve application performance & throughput
  • Scientific debugging – applying best practices to efficiently find and fix difficult bugs at all scales
  • Hands-on sessions with the Allinea integrated development tool environment


This Allinea workshop will cover application performance profiling & debugging using tools in the integrated Allinea environment:

  • Common tool suite enabling developers to fix application bugs, improve application performance
  • Allinea tools are an integral part of the workflow of many software developers using HPC resources this include accelerators: NVIDIA GPUs and coprocessors Intel Xeon Phi
  • Techniques that apply to various flavors of parallel software: MPI, CUDA.

Scientific Debugging

Learn the art and the science of high performance debugging - at scale:

  • Incorporating real examples using Allinea DDT
  • With hands-on application code, when and where possible. 
  • Sample code will be provided by Allinea, having access to participant’s code will be better
  • Using an advanced & modern debugging tool can regularly save weeks of effort:
  • By adding process to debugging 
  • Using the right tools for the problem in hand 
  • Will show how to shorten the time spent debugging even further

MPI Performance Profiling

Addressing the challenge of improving application performance; getting your application to run faster:

  • With ever growing system complexity and concurrency, application profiling is more important than ever, yet performance improvements are not obviously achieved
  • In a hybrid environment, experience how the tools will quickly identify code more suited to off load to an accelerator or coprocessor
  • This session explores typical patterns that impact performance including communication imbalance, memory wall and vectorization
  • Participants will learn how to recognize & address issues; with hands on examples using Allinea MAP