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Using WestGrid: Part 2


Speaker Info:

John Simpson
Digital Humanities Specialist
Compute Canada


This two-hour online tutorial is a followup to Using WestGrid - Part 1, which focused on getting started with WestGrid and Compute Canada computing resources. Part 2 will focus on some of Compute Canada's other services, such as:

  • ownCloud storage – 50Gb of shareable, Dropbox-like space available across multiple devices.
  • Globus – Fast, secure, sharing and fire-and-forget file transfers.
  • Cloud computing – Virtual-machine development space that includes an outward-facing IP address.

This will be an introductory level course with hands-on exercises and will include demonstrations of how to log in, set up your account, and perform basic functions to get started. Note: You must have a WestGrid account in order to participate. You do not have to attend Using WestGrid - Part 1 as a prerequisite, but it is strongly recommended.

Seminar Slides