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Using ParaViewWeb for 3D Visualization and Data Analysis in a Web Browser


Speaker Info:

Alex Razoumov
Visualization Coordinator
WestGrid / Compute Canada


ParaViewWeb is a lightweight JavaScript API for writing HTML5 web applications that utilize a remote ParaView server for running a visualization in a web browser.

ParaViewWeb is included with each copy of ParaView compiled with Python support. For a single user, ParaViewWeb can be launched with a Python script that will directly start a web server. For multiple users, one would normally use a separate front end such an Apache web server that would interface with the Python launcher to start a new visualization process for each user. ParaView comes with several sample web applications, the most complete of which is the Web Visualizer.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to ParaViewWeb
  • Overview of Web Visualizer's main features
  • Building simple ParaViewWeb apps from scratch 

Prerequisite Knowledge and Requirements:

  • This is an information-sharing session only, with demonstrations led by the speaker for participants to observe.
  • No previous experience with ParaView or Python is required. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone interested in data visualization tools is welcome to attend.
  • This session is open to all faculty, students and staff in any discipline (you do not need to be a WestGrid or Compute Canada user). 

For more information on this session, please contact Alex Razoumov -


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