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Using MATLAB on WestGrid systems


Speaker Info:

Doug Phillips
Senior Computational Science Consultant
University of Calgary


MATLAB is a general-purpose high-level programming package that is available for use on WestGrid. It is typically used for numerical work such as linear algebra, but, has many add-on toolboxes to extend its capabilities into discipline-specific areas. Although MATLAB is probably used most often on researchers' desktops as an interactive program through its desktop graphical user interface, that is not the primary way it is used in the batch-oriented WestGrid environment.

This talk will cover the various ways in which MATLAB can be run on WestGrid systems, as determined by the restrictions imposed by licensing considerations. In particular, the use of the MATLAB compiler to create standalone applications will be illustrated. The compiled applications can then be run in normal WestGrid batch jobs.

Note that the talk will not cover MATLAB programming. Instead, it is intended for researchers who would like to run their own MATLAB code on WestGrid, but, are unsure of how to get started with doing so. Most of the material for the talk is drawn from the MATLAB pages on the WestGrid web site at