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Tools for Handling Big Data & Computing Demands in Humanities & Social Science Research


Speaker Info:

Megan Lobay
Scientific Analyst, Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
University of British Columbia


Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences are using increasingly complex computational tools, methods, and techniques in their research. There are three elements of the current landscape that place the Humanities and Social Sciences in a position for rapid growth:

  • increasing open source data;
  • increased access to significant computing power; and
  • growing research computing competency among humanities researchers.

Each fall, Compute Canada's hosts an annual Resource Allocation Competition to accept requests from researchers in any discipline for allocations of computing and storage resources to support their research goals. The RAC process is split into two main competitions:

  • Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition
  • Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition

This presentation will explore how these resource allocation competitions can support research projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It will also touch on other services and support Compute Canada can offer Humanities and Social Science researchers, including cloud computing, data management tools, file storage or file transfer services, and collaboration tools.