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Tips & tricks on getting programming help online

WestGrid webinar programming May 2019


Speaker Info:

Marie-Hélène Burle
Research Computing Training Assistant


This is part of a series of training tutorials WestGrid is delivering in partnership with the UBC Research Commons.


What do you do when you run into issues with your code? How to decipher help pages and error messages which seem cryptic? Where can you find relevant information? And if you need to ask for help, where do you go?

In this beginner-friendly workshop, I will first show you how to deal with error messages and how to use help pages. Then I will introduce key online sites, their functionings, and their cultures. Finally, I will cover tips on how to write questions that will attract answers (and not wrath) from the online programming community.

R, Julia, Python, and the UNIX shell will be used for brief illustrations, but the concepts are universal and no prior knowledge is required.

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