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Visualization Webinar: Scripting and Other Advanced Topics in VisIt


Speaker Info:

Alex Razoumov
Visualization Coordinator


This webinar is geared towards all researchers who need to visualize their 2D or 3D data and want to automate their visualization workflow. We will take a look at the Python interface in VisIt, one of several popular open-source, general-purpose visualization packages.

We will learn different ways to launch scripts and will use them for a number of rendering tasks including processing time-dependent datasets and creating animations. We will also take a look at several other interesting topics in VisIt workflows such as visualizing the terrain in 3D and rendering molecules.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Requirements:

  • This is an information-sharing session only, with demonstrations led by the speaker for participants to observe. No previous experience with VisIt or Python is required. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone interested in data visualization tools is welcome to attend.
  • This session is open to all faculty, students and staff in any discipline. 



The featured image, courtesy of Paul Kent at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, shows the charge density (volume+contours) of 1/8th of a FePt nanoparticle. Image sourced from the VisIt website gallery.

Seminar Slides