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Scheduling and Job Management: How to Get the Most from a Cluster


Speaker Info:

Kamil Marcinkowski
Site Lead
University of Alberta


This hands-on, online workshop focuses on getting the most out of a cluster using a scheduler. In this two-hour session, we will discuss how a scheduler works and how to use the knowledge to your advantage. Participants will practice how to submit jobs, with a focus on productivity. 

The topics covered include:

  • optimizing walltime
  • MPI and OpenMP jobs
  • job arrays

A followup tutorial will be delivered in September and discuss job dependencies, software licences, and other advanced scheduling topics. Knowledge and practice of the topics covered in this first session are a prerequisite for attending the session in September. 

Course Materials:


Who Should Attend:

This session is intended for current WestGrid account holders who have had some experience submitting jobs but would like to learn how to increase their job productivity and efficiency. Familiarity with logging in to WestGrid systems, using UNIX and basic job script commands is recommended.