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An Introduction to Batch Visualization


Speaker Info:

Alex Razoumov
Visualization Coordinator


This 1 hour long webinar will talk about batch visualization on Compute Canada clusters, in which rendering can be done in the background with either an interactive script or a scheduled job, without any GUI interaction. The basics of writing scripts using ParaView's Python, porting them to an HPC cluster, and submitting them to the job scheduler will also be covered. Depending on time, in-situ visualization using Catalyst and interactive viewing of pre-rendered images in ParaView Cinema may also be discussed briefly.

This webinar is for any current WestGrid / Compute Canada user. No prior vizualization experience required! We will be using WestGrid's Parallel cluster for the demonstrations. 


Links to the slides and exercises from the presentation:




Image sourced from Bluefin Labs. The image is a data visualization from the TV Genome. This image does not relate directly to the material that will be discussed in WestGrid's webinar, instead it is meant to provide an example of what a data visualization could look like.

Seminar Slides