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Multi-sensory Exploration of Large Scientific Data Using Virtual Reality


Speaker Info:

Pierre Boulanger
Professor, Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta


By exploiting our visual abilities, traditional scientific visualization aims at offering engineers and scientists various ways to assist them at exploring complex phenomenon. What Virtual Reality (VR) technologies has to offer is to put an expert user at the center of the exploration process that utilise not only his visual abilities but also his multi-sensory senses such as touch and sound.

To improve the effectiveness of the traditional data exploration process, many researchers has focused on the development of more intuitive interaction techniques that exploits the sensory-motor capacity of humans to deal with complex environments. To achieve this goal two conditions need to be respected. First, exploitation of different modalities must not oppose one another, and each sensory channel must be rendered in a way that fits with human abilities.

During this talk, I will explore how VR can create a true multi-sensory interface by using high-resolution displays, haptics, and sound. We will explore the current state of the art and discuss our implementation for a virtual wind tunnel application and the exploration of medical data.

Seminar Slides