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Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC)


Speaker Info:

Erming Pei
Systems Analyst, Information Services & Technology
University of Alberta


High Performance Computing (HPC) is opening new doors for researchers to tackle challenges and leverage data in new ways. This session is intended for beginners, as well as experienced HPC users looking for a refresher on basic HPC terminology and procedures.

We will begin with a brief introduction to Compute Canada and WestGrid, including an overview of the services and resources each provides to researchers. After that, we will introduce and define major concepts of HPC, including cluster, grid, cloud and “big data.”

Prerequisite Knowledge and Requirements:

  • No prior knowledge of or experience with HPC is necessary.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone interested in high performance computing (HPC) is welcome to attend. 
  • This session is open to all faculty, students and staff in any discipline. 

Presentation Slides:

  • A copy of the slides will be posted shortly

For more information on this session or the pre-requisites required, please contact us.

Seminar Slides