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Introduction to the BC Cancer Agency Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre


Speaker Info:

Diane Miller
Project Manager
Genome Sciences Centre
Scott Baker
Project Manager, IT / Systems
Genome Sciences Centre


The BC Cancer Agency Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) is one of 15 research programs that operate as part of the BC Cancer Research Centre. It is also an advanced research computing site within the Compute Canada national platform, benefiting researchers across Canada with increased access to bioinformatics software, expertise and extremely secure computing storage.

As the largest capacity genomics centre of its type in Canada, the GSC specializes in high-throughput, large-scale genome research activities encompassing cancer genetics, bioinformatics, LIMS, DNA sequencing, data analysis, genome mapping, gene expression profiling, proteomics and technology development.

This session will be delivered in two parts:

  • Part A: The GSC Sequencing Platform
  • Part B: The GSC Compute Platform

Each part will cover:

  • the platform in general,
  • what services are offered to researchers, and
  • how to access those services. 

This session is targeted at anyone involved in compatible research (health sciences) who may be in need of DNA sequencing and/or bioinformatics support and/or tools and platforms related to bioniformatics. Research Administrators working together with researchers in these areas may also find this session useful.

Experience Needed:


  • Provide a greater awareness about the GSC, its platforms and services.
  • Ensure the community knows how to contact the GSC should they have questions or feel there is an opportunity for collaboration.
  • Highlight some of the new directions for the GSC


Seminar Slides