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A Hands-On Introduction to ORCA (the genOmics Research Container Architecture)


Speaker Info:

Roland Santos
Assistant Systems Coordinator
Genome Sciences Centre


ORCA (the genOmics Research Container Architecture) is a platform for bioinformatics analysis. It is suited for those wishing to conduct self-serve analysis using their own existing data. Hundreds of bioinformatics tools from Homebrew-Science are pre-installed in ORCA. This service is available as part of the GSC Advanced Research Computing Platform and Compute Canada Node. For more information on ORCA or to view a list of its bioinformatics and analysis software applications and libraries, click here.

In this session, Roland Santos from the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre will use demonstrations and hands-on exercises to provide an in-depth tour of the key features and capabilities of the ORCA environment. Participants can apply for an ORCA account to follow along with the exercises, or simply watch the webinar to learn more about the platform.


  • This session is targeted at anyone interested in learning about bioinformatics tools and platforms, particularly if they are interested in a hands-on session.

Experience Needed:

  • Participants must have experience with *nix Shell and SSH.


  • Learn what ORCA is, what is included, and what it can best be used for
  • Hands-on demonstration and training regarding how to access, login, and perform basic tasks in the ORCA platform with examples


Seminar Slides