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Getting Started with Git (SciProg Event)



As part of its regular events calendar, the SciProg group at Simon Fraser University is hosting an introductory session on Git.

Session Description:
Have you been wanting to learn Git but never got around to it? Or perhaps it seems much scarier than plain old Dropbox? In this workshop, Bruno Grande will introduce the basic concepts of Git using the real-world scenario of creating a blog and publishing it online for free! If you've tried to learn Git before but struggled, give it another try with this workshop.

What is SciProg?
SciProg — short for Scientific Programming Study Group — is dedicated to building a community of SFU researchers who perform computational data analysis as part of their academic work. SciProg promotes skill sharing and collaboration by (1) organizing one-hour interactive workshops covering a wide range of software tools, (2) providing Q&A sessions for peer-to-peer assistance and collaboration, and (3) bringing researchers together at social events like Hacky Hours. All are welcome to this study group, regardless of scientific research area, affiliation or training level. For more details, visit