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Functional Brain Imaging Data and Real World Health Care Advances: Embedding Computational Tools into Front-line Clinical Environments


Speaker Info:

Dr. Ryan D'Arcy
Professor and BC Leadership Chair, Head Medical Technologies, Faculty of Applied Sciences
Simon Fraser University


This session will host Dr. Ryan D'Arcy, Professor with Simon Fraser University's School of Computing Science, for a presentation that explores the opportunities around embedding new computational tools into front-line clinical environments.

Functional brain imaging enables non-invasive windows into how, when, and where the brain is actively processing information. This technology advances not only create the ability to improve diagnosis and treatment in people immediately, but also generate incredibly rich and complex data. Data we are just now beginning to unlock the potential around in terms of real world applications in the clinical environment.

This talk will review some core functional imaging technologies (functional MRI, electro- and magneto- encephalography) and highlight applications in presurgical mapping for brain tumours/epilepsy, diagnostic evaluation in brain injury, and rehabilitative monitoring during neuroplastic recovery.