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Dynamic Facial Processing And Motion Capture: From Basic Research To Applications In Visual Effects


Speaker Info:

Darren Cosker
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of Bath


In this talk I will outline some of the challenges in creating facial performances and using facial models in visual effects. In particular, I will attempt to distinguish between academic challenges and industrial demands, and attempt to highlight some of the shared challenges.

I will also describe some of the work that myself and my group have been performing in the area of 4D facial processing. I will describe how this has led to us stepping back to focus on first solving more 'basic' (or fundamental) computer vision research problems - particularly in the area of optical flow, non-rigid tracking and shadow removal.

Finally, I will also describe some of graphics and animation projects with companies linked to our Centre for Digital Entertainment - in particular real time and physics based character animation with Disney Research and Electronic Arts.