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DHSI 2015 Workshop: Up and Running with Compute Canada


Speaker Info:

John Simpson
Digital Humanities Specialist
Compute Canada


Targeting digital humanities researchers who are new to Compute Canada and its services, this introductory tutorial/workshop will share a range of use cases and methods from the spectrum of disciplines that make up the digital humanities. Opportunities will exist for hands-on work and sandboxing and attendees can expect to walk away with access to - and introductory training in - Compute Canada installations of ownCloud, Globus, Vidyo, and a virtual machine cloud environment.

Attendees should bring their own laptop to ensure that they are able to easily take their accomplishments with them when the workshop is over.

Compute Canada's full offerings currently include:

  • Open services (available to any researcher with a Compute Canada account): 
    • OwnCloud. 50Gb of shareable, dropbox-like space available across multiple devices. 
    • Globus. Fast, secure, fire-and-forget data transfer for large files and large file sets. 
    • Vidyo. Simple to use, fault-tolerant, video conferencing. 
    • Cloud. Virtual-machine based development space that includes an outward-facing IP address. 
    • Data Integrity. Data storage and back-up systems provide stability and security options over your desktop. 
    • General Analyst/Consultant Support. Consultations regarding project architecture and resource needs. 
    • DH Support. Dedicated digital humanities expert available. 
    • Visualization Support. Dedicated 3D visualization expert available. 
    • Training. Training sessions covering core skills offered regularly and custom courses available on request.

  • Allocation-based services (available to researchers with a Compute Canada account following a resource allocation process): 
    • Portals. Hosting for specialized data and tools for entire research communities. 
    • Archival Storage. Robust storage solutions, including tape backup. 
    • Specialized Software. Over 250 software programs and packages already integrated with Compute Canada systems. 
    • Computation. Expandable power ranging from the equivalent of a second desktop to access to machines with thousands of cores, terabytes of RAM, and a variety of system architectures, including GPUs.