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Deploying a Full Stack Web Solution on the Cloud for Cluster Access


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Ed Armstrong


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This webinar is presented by SHARCNET, an HPC consortium that is part of Compute Ontario, one of four regional partners of Compute Canada. You do not need a SHARCNET or Compute Canada account to attend this session. 

There is a growing trend in the HPC community for interactivity with clusters. This allows technical users to setup their research environment which enables easier access for non-technical users. One often desired mechanism for interactivity is remote access through a web page.

Traditionally, due to security concerns, high performance clusters have had restricted access to the internet at large. With the advent of cloud computing, utilizing common technologies, users can now enable web access to their HPC work flows.

We will use a collection of open source tools, in combination with the SHARCNET OpenStack cloud, to setup a full stack web solution that has access to our cluster computing resources. By implementing a full stack solution and linking it to the cluster, the user can begin to build an interactive work flow. This webinar will focus on installing and securing Linux, Apache & MySQL. There is no programming involved though some Linux command line experience would be an asset.


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